Three Wildlings was created by myself, Gaia, a mother of 4, with the intention to bring warmth, love and connection into your homes with beautiful and unique creations and keepsakes. 

Following the loss of my two week old daughter in 2016 I needed to set myself a goal to focus on. Starting a business of my own has been a dream for many years, and my little angel pushed me to finally make that move, she taught me life is too short to have regrets and she showed me my strength. She is my constant inspiration. 

Living an eco friendly, ethical, sustainable and organic lifestyle (as much as possible, I’m not perfect) is important to me. This follows through to my brand. I strive to make my products with certified organic (when possible) and ethically sourced products. Right down to our packaging which is recycled, biodegradable, compostable and reusable. 

Baby & Children’s Felt Footwear

The baby and children’s footwear is made by me from mulesing free ethically sourced (Certified Organic where possible) soft merino wool. I use a combination of Australian, New Zealand and South American wool. Some I hand dye myself with natural dyes such as tea. The rest has been dyed at a dying house that has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is GOTS and GRS Certified.

Felt is a fabric made from layers of wool, wet with soapy water and agitated to hold together as a fabric. Wool has incredible properties, it is super breathable, antibacterial, flame resistant, soft, durable, odour resistant and regulates temperature, making it wearable all year round.

All our footwear is flexible, making them perfect for little feet that are still developing their bone structure.

Ultrasound Art

Born from a deep place in my heart is the personalised ultrasound art. These are created with the art of needle felting. The wool is dry felted with a specialised barbed needle (painted if you will) onto the felt background and set in a beautiful embroidery hoop. A perfect way to proudly cherish our little babes, wether they are here on earth or amongst the stars. 

Ladies Slippers

In collaborating with my mother Lisette from Signature of Nature, we bring you the ladies slippers. These comfy slippers are made with pure ethically sourced wool that is mulesing free.

Here is a little about Lisette: "As a self taught textile artist, I learned from life and from my mother’s enthusiasm in textile works. I am inspired by nature and each piece is original and created with love and passion. I have fun painting with wool and playing with fibres. I wish you much joy in looking at and wearing my creations".


Love and many hours go into making all of these very special creations and keepsakes. I hope you enjoy them just as much as i do.

Gaia x