Size Guide

For baby and children’s footwear:

We recommend measuring your little ones feet when choosing their shoe size. Add at least 1cm to ensure they have a little growing room. They do stretch slightly with wear also. 

The best way to measure is by placing your little ones foot on a piece of paper, make sure toes are not curled under, then with a pen mark where the bottom of the heel and the end of the big toe sit. Then measure between those two markings. 

All age ranges are approximate and to be used as a guide only. Measurements are from inside the shoe.

6-9 month + sizes have a non toxic natural rubber latex sole painted on for grip.  



0-3 MONTHS - 9.5cm

3-6 MONTHS - 10.5cm 

6-9 MONTHS -11.2cm

9-12 MONTHS - 12cm

12-18 MONTHS - 13cm

18-24 MONTHS - 14cm

2/3 YEARS - 15cm

3/4 YEARS - 16cm

4/5 YEARS - 17cm

5/6 YEARS - 18cm

6/7 YEARS - 19cm

7/8 YEARS - 20cm

For Ladies Slippers:

If you’re unsure about your size, find a pen and paper, place your foot on the paper and holding the pen in a vertical upright position, mark the end of your heel and big toe. Then measure the markings from heel to toe. Match resulting measurements against our size guide and voila! Please contact us if you’re unsure which size to go with if you’re an in between size. These shoes do stretch a little with wear. And the measurements can very slightly due to the handmade nature. 


measurements are from inside the shoe and remember they do stretch a little with wear

EURO 36 (approx AUS size 6) - 23-23.6cm insole 

EURO 37 (approx AUS size 7) - 24-24.5cm insole 

EURO 38 (approx AUS size 8) - 24.5-25cm insole

EURO 39 (approx AUS size 9) - 25-25.5cm insole 

EURO 40 (approx AUS size 10) - 26-26.5cm insole

EURO 41 (approx AUS size 11) - 27-27.5cm insole